Radu Polizu - Bio

Radu is a veteran of the post production industry in New York where he spent the last 25 years. He spends a considerable part of his time as a remote Director of Engineering of a group of postproduction houses in New York. Radu constantly steers the companies to the highest professional and engineering level to keep them competitive in the cutting edge New York City advertising market. Besides, he consulted for several large high profile projects like the Digital Galaxy project (NY Planetarium) at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Radu has more than 30 years experience in television production and technology. He is the Founder/President of FlyingMonk Films, Inc, a production company specialized in travel footage and photography, where he shoots productions and manages the postproduction process for creating independent cultural travel videos.

Radu is a graduate of the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Romania with a M.S. in Electrical Engineering.

Radu's Experience

2000 – Present: FlyingMonk Films Consulting, Inc.
2004 – 2007: Chief Engineer - Northen Lights Post/Mr. Wonderful
2000 – 2003: Senior Video Engineer - New York Planetarium
1996 – 2005: Chief Engineer - Refinery Post/Horn-Eisenberg
1992 – 1996: Senior Video/IT Engineer - VSC/Manhattan Transfer
1992 : Senior Video Engineer - NBC Olympics - Barcelona
1990 - 1992: Senior Video Engineer - HBO Studios
1988 - 1990: Senior Video Engineer - WNYC TV
1980 - 1987: Chief Engineer-Telecine - Romanian National Television

FlyingMonk Films

Headquartered in Great Neck, NY, FlyingMonk Films, Inc. is specialized in cultural travel content from around the world. From ancient cities and archeological sites, to religious places, reenacted traditions and architectural gems, FlyingMonk shoots SD/HD travel footage and photography and delivers this content to broadcasters, commercial agencies, web sites, like National Geographic, MTV, CBS News, WETA, Inside Edition, GT Design, etc.
The independent cultural travel videos produced by FlyingMonk Films are formatted as travelogues about cultural places around the world as seen by independent travelers. The videos are based on extensive research done before and during the travel and most of the resulting information is embedded as narration into the videos. FlyingMonk markets these videos mainly in the Public Library system in the USA and Canada, on Amazon and to cultural organizations, institutions, general public, etc.

FlyingMonk Consulting is a division of FlyingMonk Films Consulting, Inc.