Technical Support

On site support

If you have an issue we are coming on site ASAP to help you and we will come again till we make sure that the problem is solved.

Phone support

Sometimes we may be able to speed up the process and tell you over the phone what the problem is. We work with you while you are with us on the phone and make sure that the problem is solved. If not we come on site and solve it ourselves.

Monthly retainer

If you think that you may need more that occasional technical support we make arrangements depending on the company structure for a monthly retainer.

Support Overview

Remote Chief Engineer

If we are in charge with the technical support for your company we address it as if we were your company's Chief Engineer. However remote, not always in your face, but still fully responsible and engaged. We identify what should be done, what needs to be addressed sooner rather than latter and we will let you know. Obviously we will push you to spend some money but will always find a solution within your budget to solve the issues.

Technical Consulting

Being at your site we can offer independent advise for any development or expansion your company may require, we may suggest solutions and address workflow issues.

If we built it, we are responsible

If we built your place and we continue to support it after the project is finished we treat it as it is our own responsibility from the technical point of view. We will make sure that the place stays neat and organized like when we finished building it, with the design project kept up to date and all the equipment in good condtion and fully operational.

Reach us anytime

We are always available. You have our support phone number and you can reach us easily by phone, 516-851-3512, or email anytime, anywhere. If it happens that we may not be available we work in partnership with established IT companies for backup support while away..