Featured Projects

New York Planetarium

We are proud to be part of the team that developed the first Planetarium in the world that used high definition video projected on the dome.

Riverside Church

Design and installation of the entire television system with HD cameras and a Tricaster in this famous New York landmarked.

Univision Studios

The first studios in New York for the top Spanish TV network; one productiona and one insert studio with associated editorial rooms and editorial bay

Big Sky Editorial

Creative editorial house with multiple Avid, FCP and Graphics systems. Symphony and DS systems distributed in various rooms with KVM over IP. Machine Room with 2 Terrablock SAN

USA Studios

One of the largest post facility that we built, maybe the largest in New York City: Machine Room with 75 decks, 3 routers, 20 servers, 5 edit rooms, one mixing studio, one multi DVD authoring room, etc.

Click 3X

With five Flame/Smoke/Flare systems, two FCP and probably 60 Graphics stations for 3D and AE with render farms and several SAN and NAS Click 3X is one of the largest Graphics houses in New York.

VOX Media

An up and coming digital platform that aggregates a large number of websites including TheVerge.com and SBnation.com creating content in two new studios and a large editing bay.

Out of the Blue

Color Correct facility with two Digital Intermedite Color Correct rooms with Da Vinci, storage on DVS solution. VPN and tunnels to work directly with dedicated clients.

Our Latest Project:
Fusion NY Studios

La Fabrica


  • 2018: HQ Trivia Game Studio
  • 2017: Gizmodo Media Group
  • 2017: Definition 6 relocation
  • 2017: Fusion-IT & Studios completion
  • 2017: Edit One IT+MR rebuilt
  • 2017: BigSky Editorial relocation
  • 2016: Fusion Network-NY Studios
  • 2016: IFAW
  • 2016: Lincoln Center Theaters
  • 2016: Major League Soccer
  • 2015: Guggenheim Productions/Studios
  • 2015: Lincoln Center-Chamber Music
  • 2015: BigSky Machine Room
  • 2014: Univision NY Studios
  • 2014: Just Add Water-VFX
  • 2014: Edit One IT rebuilt
  • 2014: Pelorus Studios
  • 2014: Riverside Church
  • 2013: Definition6/Synaptic Studios
  • 2013: VOX Media
  • 2012: Just Add Water
  • 2012: Heard City
  • 2011: USA Studios
  • 2011: Edit One Graphics
  • 2010-2011: BigSky Editorial
  • 2010-2011: Out of the Blue
  • 2011: The Wilderness
  • 2010: Pure
  • 2010: School of Visual Arts
  • 2010: Moondog IT
  • 2010: SITHS Studios
  • 2010: Just Add Water
  • 2009: Elephant Post
  • 2009: Coda VFX
  • 2008: Major Tom/Hectic NY
  • 2008: Blue Man Group
  • 2008: Guggenheim Productions
  • 2008: Rethink Autism Studios
  • 2007: ESPN/ABC
  • 2006: Click 3X
  • 2006: Mr. Wonderful
  • 2006: Finito
  • 2005: Northern Lights Post
  • 2005: Edit One Editorial
  • 2004: Outdoor Life Network
  • 2004: Pipeline Advertising
  • 2001: Chimera
  • 1999-2000: Goldblatt & Assoc
  • 1996-1998: Horn/Eisenberg
  • 1996: Nice Shoes
  • 1996: BigPicture/Even Time

First and the most important is that we LISTEN to our clients and offer solutions for their needs based on the existing budget and we make our clients confortable by explaining the solutions at their technical level of understanding. When we send the quotes for the projects we are extremly specific of the work that will be done, explaining in detail each aspect of the development. We design and integrate these solutions being always careful not to interrupt the work process. We design any project from post to production studios like we would do for any major TV network, old school design, this being the reason why we were commissioned by TV networks like ABC, Unvision and Fusion to work with them.

Our project's design has it all: rack layouts, room functionals, separate drawings for routers, each patchbays or equipment, etc. This entire documentation together with runsheets and labels is given to our professional wiring team that executes the project with minimum management. They are able to do it this way because they do this type of work for 5 days a week, 8hours a day for their entire life. Together with these profesionals we are able to cost estimate a project for parts and labor in advance and we stick to the number. We can guarantee that your project will look and work the best.

Feel free to call any of these places listed above and ask about the projects we developed or supported!

"When I started using the two studios built by FlyingMonk Consulting on the 14th floor at Univision’s corporate building (605 Third Avenue) I thought they were really versatile and capable of hosting any kind of digital productions. From a green screen shoot to a very sophisticated livestream. Since 2014 the production needs of our clients changed but the studios have been a great resource and all our internal brands love all the options available. Nowadays our clients want to do Facebook Live and we can produce in any of the studios and route video signal and audio. Amazing.
I’m still impressed by the work done by Radu Polizu because every time a client requests me to do something new I discover that the studios were already prepared for that purpose. His vision and experience is what any company needs to build a studio and a space that looks into the future of the video production."

Israel Nava Herreros | Studio Director | Digital Studios NY | Univision Communications Inc. | Studios Facebook page |

"...FlyingMonk Consulting designed and integrated a production studio and a podcast studio, adding features that would confer flexibility for the future use and interoperability between assets as well as the integration of 20 networked edit seats, storage and the connectivity for the studio to be a Live asset.
Radu designed the entire IT infrastructure needed in the Fusion New York bureau and recommended, installed and configured the central storage and its connectivity with all editorial's computers and also advised and helped implement a data structure for projects and the workflow employed for moving the media content from our main storage, migrating it to NLS/tape archives.
During the construction phase of the project Radu personally supervised the evolution of the work, conferring closely with the project managers and all the stakeholders who naturally are involved when dealing with a large, matrixed organization like ours...
After finishing the project we continue to work with Flying Monk Consulting in helping the production process and support of the studios.
We are also in discussions with Flying Monk about duplicating what we've created in NY in other Fusion Bureaus in 2017.
There's no better recommendation than a repeat customer."

George Lansbury | SVP. Programming and Production Fusion


"When we planned to develop a new floor that would contain a production studio for our company, Blackspot, in New York City we commissioned FlyingMonk Consulting to be in charge of the consulting, design and integration. Their approach upon the project was very thorough starting by helping us negotiate a transfer of an entire studio equipment from another company. They helped us going through the inventory and understanding its value and how the equipment would be used to fit our production needs.
Their expertise spans all aspects of putting together a studio, starting with the acoustical aspects, the power and data distribution, the AV and streaming aspect of it...
...The studio they built is designed around a Tricaster and is integrated to do both a Media Tour for the TV morning shows in different markets interchanging with a Radio show, adding features that would confer flexibility for the future use. ...After the project was finished we contracted FlyingMonk Consulting for the daily support of the studio and onsite production supervision, as well as developing other areas and planning for further expansions."

John Laskas | Manager Blackspot/Pelorus Studios


"During the relocation of Vox Media to our Bryant Park office we approached FlyingMonk Consulting for technical design and integration of production & media system in our studio. They were extremely helpful, flexible and capable. In a short time Flying Monk was able to get familiarize themselves with a complex project that was already in motion and provide a full design for a functional studios including video IT elements. 
They were able to mobilize a large team of wiremen who worked very fast and within a month we were able to move in the new offices...
As an electronic new gathering entity it was critical to our business that the studio be designed for flexibility and stability, FlyingMonk Consulting not only met these goals but helped us manage costs by repurposing our entire equipment inventory from our old facility...
... after the termination of the project we ended up hiring FlyingMonk Consulting on a variety of contracts [including a further] redesign of the Machine/Server Room. 
We continued to work with Flying Monk closely for consulting in our new plans of relocating again our studios in a much larger space in downtown." 

Marcos Bueno | Head of Vox Studios